Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update for September 4, 2011

A Small Update on Jenene and Wristbands

Update on Jenene:

Jenene is doing well, getting stronger and stronger by the day. Still a bit sensitive on eating, somethings are great, but some she just doesn't have the tastebuds back for. She has been visiting the clinic still 2 days a week, and she has been doing some physical therapy because of the bone mass she lost during her last hospital visit.

She is working a little bit (her first day back at the office was today for about 2 hours). Because of limitations on her physical activities and contact with people and things, she will be working mostly from home, but will be doing some work on Sundays at the hotel.

If you would like to contact her to see how she is doing day to day, please email or call her at or 503-341-3498.


We have gotten a few more of the black wristbands in, mostly the middle finger ones, but a few of the bird ones as well. I have not gotten any of the orange Leukemia specific bands, but I am anticipating doing another order next week. The black ones are $5.00 and the orange ones are $3.00. All of the proceeds go to Jenene.

If you would like a wristband(s) please email me at, and submit what type of wristband you would like, how many you would like and either a time and place where I can get them to you; what time and date you can come pick them up from the house; or a mailing address of where I can send them to you.

Again, Donations to Jenene - check or money made to Jenene Philips and send to 3543 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214.

Or donate by debit or credit card at

Thank you,

Update for August 24, 2011


She was discharged on Sunday and spent most of the day with her Mom, and then getting re-acclimated to the house. She is having a hard time with our stairs going up to the room, so once she is downstairs she is down for the day, but she is getting better and better with each trip up and down.

The seizures were caused by a medicine that she was taking called cyclosporine ( which is an immunosuppressant drug, which unfortunately one of the many side effects is seizures. She is off of that one and now on a similar drug called tacrolimus (, but without some of the harsher side effects of cyclosporine.

We have been figuring out the next steps for her recovery and trying to plan out the next few months as far as working and things we want to do and places and restaurants we want to go to (one our favorite restaurant Thien Hong - - was closed Sunday so no Pepper Salted Squid… sad).

We are still selling wristbands to help fundraise for her an orange - Choose Hope Leukemia Awareness wristbands for $3.00 each in various sizes and a black - Stupid Cancer wristbands for $5.00 in one size but 2 types - one with the middle finger and one with a birdie. – Stock is limited right now, but another shipment should be coming in next week sometime.

Again, Donations to Jenene - check or money made to Jenene Philips and send to 3543 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214.

Or donate by debit or credit card at

Visit her blog for this or older updates at Also pass this link along to others who may not be on the email tree.

Please call, text or email her if you would like to chat, she is resting at home and planning her days out. A few things in the works for the next few weeks, with clinic visits, weddings and a small vacation planned (trust me we need one!). Her number is 503-341-3498 or email her at

Thank you everyone who commented or called or came up to the hospital, the outpouring of support has been greatly appreciated.