Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Starting chemo again

It's me Jenene!
actually writing...

Today I start chemo that will go directly to my brain. It is going to kill any leukemia that the stem cells didn't get. We are pretty positive that there isn't any there but it is better safe than sorry. This was told to us back in March but like most things I forgot about it. I will not be staying in the hospital for the treatment, but doing it as an outpatient treatment.

Lately I haven't been feeling well and was getting sick everyday once day at least for the last week. I think that we finally figured it out. We had recently bought bottled water. I have stopped drinking and started feeling great again. :-)

I have found a lot of new people to connect with that are young like me and have survived some sort of blood cancer. I hope no one has to go through what I have but it is nice to have people to talk to that know what you have gone through. On that note if anyone is interest in watching a documentary about ALL, let me know. It is about a guy that was diagnosed with the same leukemia as me and is still living.

Recently I lost a friend that was diagnosed with leukemia at the same time as me and didn't have her stem cell transplant until August, that is when I met her. We would walk the halls and talk forever. She was a fighter just like me. I think she was more positive than I was. Always had a smile on her face. I was heartbroken when I found out that she had pass. It really sent me into be scared of dying. Life goes on as I have learned and have to keep positive!

If you are ever wondering how I am doing you can reach me by phone: 503.341.3498, jmphilips503@hotmail.com and message me on facebook.

With love,