Saturday, December 17, 2011

Update from Dec. 17th

It has been a month since my last update. I have returned to work almost full time and so happy to be there. About two weeks ago I can down with GVHD of the skin. That means that I have a rash on about half of my body. I put a medicated lotion that didn't work so I went back to the doctors and he gave me some new medications. In one night I could notice the rash going down. I was so happy! :-) Two weeks ago I also went in, got my six month bone marrow biospy and came back perfect. In the same day I got my neo-star taken out. I have a very busy month. Hopefully there won't be too many bumps in the road. I am looking forward to next year and all the fun things that Ross and I have planned.

I am the happiest I have been in a long time. Christmas is next weekend and we are all prepared. We are starting new traditions this year. Bought out first tree together and it looks great with all the presents underneath. Finally made it to Peacock lane, first time in the three years that we have been together. We only live 5 blocks away. It looked great, it wasn't too cold and the street was closed to cars that night.

I will keep updating, try to give good news more often.

We still have bracelets to sell. Contact Ross at

I am having my 30th birthday party on January 14th at the Belmont Inn starting at 7pm. Everyone is more than welcome to come.

Hugs and kisses!